Coccoloba Bar & Grill

Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, Cayman Islands

A mash-up of culinary influences from our own island and coastal Mexico.



45 Mins

Delivery Time


4 Items

Grilled corn, tortilla crisps, cotija cheese, cilantro, lime, chipotle aioli

KYD 13.00

Wilted Kale
Roasted sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, red pepper, corn lemon herb vinaigrette.

KYD 14.00

Chicken Quesadilla
Oaxaca cheese, jalapeno peppers, black beans.

KYD 13.00

Carrots, kale, pistachios, queso fresco, dried cranberries, lemon-herb vinaigrette.

KYD 14.00

Tacos Y Tostadas

6 Items

Fish Tacos
Roasted tomatillo, piquillo peppers, queso fresco, mojo aioli.

KYD 15.00

Smoked Chicken Tacos
Oaxaca cheese, guacamole, roasted corn, spicy aioli.

KYD 15.00

Shrimp Tostadas
Tiger shrimp, achiote mayo, cilantro, roasted pumpkin seeds.

KYD 16.00

Roasted Pumpkin Tostadas
Black bean hummus, pepitas, tomato chutney, cotija cheese.

KYD 13.00

Pork belly tacos
Crispy pork belly, salsa criolla, spicy mayo.

KYD 15.00

Beef Tostadas
Braised short ribs, spicy aioli, kimchee.

KYD 16.00


5 Items

Coccoloba Burger
8oz patty, mexi slaw, oaxaca cheese, chimichurri sauce. Choose fries or house salad with the add ons below.

KYD 17.00

Pick Your Side (Min 1 and Max 1)

  • Fries $0.00
  • House Salad $0.00
Veggie Burrito
Flour tortilla, sweet potato, guacamole, quinoa, corn, aji amarillo aioli, potato wedges.

KYD 16.00

Steak & Frites
8oz new York strip, aji Amarillo crema, chimichurri. Please select the temperature of the steak with the add ons below.

KYD 27.00

Steak Temperature (Min 1 and Max 1)

  • Rare $0.00
  • Medium Rare $0.00
  • Medium $0.00
  • Medium Well $0.00
  • Well Done $0.00
Catch of the day
local greens, roasted sweet potato, butternut squash puree, avocado-pepper relish.

KYD 25.00

C.F.C Chicken
Crispy fried chicken, spiced honey glaze, sweet plantains, pickled cucumbers, coleslaw.

KYD 23.00

La Familia

1 Items

La Familia
Family Dining Experience Includes- Elote Tortilla Chips N Dips Tacos 8 Pieces (Select 2 varietals using the add ons below) Churros

KYD 55.00

Select Your Tacos (Min 1 and Max 2)

  • Fish Tacos $0.00
  • Smoked Chicken Tacos $0.00
  • Beef Tostadas $0.00
  • Shrimp Tostadas $0.00
La Familia

0 Items

No menu available!

1 Items

Caramel Brownie
Dulce de leche, Chantilly cream toasted white chocolate.

KYD 8.00

Kids Bites

2 Items

Choose from fresh fruit, fries or veggies using the add ons below.

KYD 12.00

Pick Your Side (Min 1 and Max 1)

  • Fries $0.00
  • Fresh Fruit $0.00
  • Veggies $0.00
Crispy Chicken Tenders
Served with honey mustard. Choose from fresh fruit, fries or veggies using the add ons below.

KYD 11.00

Pick Your Side (Min 1 and Max 1)

  • Fries $0.00
  • Fresh Fruit $0.00
  • Veggies $0.00

3 Items

Assorted Sodas

KYD 2.00

Agua Fresca

KYD 4.00

Bottled Water
Please choose still or sparkling using the add ons below.

KYD 5.00

Choose your preference (Min 0 and Max 0)

  • Still $0.00
  • Sparkling $0.00